About EuroRIs-Net+ Project

EuroRIs-Net+ will build on the Network of National Contact Points for the Research Infrastructures programme (RIs NCPs) to provide value-added services, which will facilitate transnational cooperation of NCPs, promoting the effective implementation of the RI programme, highlighting opportunities offered by Research Infrastructures - at the European and international level - and their impact on e-science. The Network will develop observatory functions for EC and national Research Infrastructures policies, programmes and initiatives, supported by an efficient dialogue scheme for RI NCPs with the RI ecosystem and a sustainable and comprehensive RI Knowledge Repository.
Specifically, EuroRIs-Net+ will foster:

• Provision of high level services to our clients (RI scientific communities, industry and public stakeholders) and promotion of best RI NCP practices will be supported through training, peering and helpdesk activities for all RI NCPs, whereas development of systematic partnering activities will increase collaboration among RI stakeholders
• Increased visibility of the RI programme to all thematic areas of FP7 will empower and support bottom-up approaches for scientific and user communities in the RI programme, facilitated through cooperation with other NCP networks, with direct benefit on focused scientific communities.
Moreover, the network will implement targeted dissemination activities to improve visibility of the project’s services and the RI programme, contributing to the broader use of Research Infrastructures.

An interactive platform - RIs Stakeholders’ Forum - for communication among the Network, EC, RI policy bodies and RI stakeholders will constructively support policy design, through a dialogue - among RI ecosystem “actors” - which will facilitate diffusion of RI policy bodies’ recommendations to the relevant public authorities and, vice-versa, will permit collection and analysis of integrated data on countries’ participation in Research Infrastructures, to support, wherever possible, their integration within the ERA.
The duration of the EuroRIs-Net+ project is two years (1/10/2011 -30/9/2013). The project is funded by DG INFSO, under the Grant Agreement 283663 (Research Infrastructures Programme, FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2011-2).


Among other outcomes, EuroRIs-Net project implemented a video, distributed through a DVD at various dissemination events, and entitled: “Research Infrastructures: Why so important”.

The video demonstrates the added value of Research Infrastructures through the paradigm of 5 RIs / funded projects, which highlight the challenges and opportunities offered. The video is also available at the official EUROPA e-infrastructures website: http://ec.europa.eu/research/infrastructures/index_en.cfm?pg=what