Success Stories

Success stories describe positive changes and how these changes benefit people directly involved or otherwise gaining from the project (e.g. stakeholders or the common man). Success stories provide "real world" examples.

Our goal, as part of the EuroRIs-Net+ project is to continue the collection and further promotion of success stories related to RI projects of FP7. They can be success stories on research infrastructures (RI) as such, on the people involved (coordinators, partners, users) and/or on their research successes related to the RI. We would like to collect very different success stories to show the extent of the RI programme: different disciplines, countries, type of RI, actors.


Why did we decide to collect success stories?


To help stakeholders understand the RI programme, to encourage them to participate and to demonstrate the useful input of NCPs.


EuroRIs-Net Success Stories Booklet


Read our success stories so far (through the EuroRIs-Net project):