EuroRIs-Net project public deliverables

Apart from the D4.1. deliverable – project website - which is literally the actual one (upgraded in terms of repository, stakeholders’ forum, RI policy section, TNA opportunities, Other NCP networks’ section etc. ) the following EuroRIs-Net public deliverables are available:


D4.6 Leaflet of the project (final version) 


D4.7 Press releases & Model presentation of the project


1st Press release: <Aug 2008>, <The EuroRisNet project>

2ndPress release: <Dec 2008>, <First year of the EuroRisNet Project>

3rd Press release: <Feb 2009>, < The EuroRisNet project: Broadening the scope>

4th Press release:  <March 2010>, <The EuroRIsNet: Good spirit and excellent services in two year existence >

5th Press release: <July 2010>, <EuroRIsNet actively supporting events for a more effective Research Infrastructures Programme>

6th Press release: <Sept 2011>, < EuroRis-Net+: The new project supporting the activities of the European Network of RIs NCPs > 


1st Model Presentation, June 2011 (final version)

2nd Model Presentation, Oct 2011 (final version)


D4.2 Structured lists (projects under RIs ordering by Thematic Priorities)


D4.4 e-newsletter


D4.8 Short Video on Ris


D4.5 Success stories