The 1st EuroRIs-Net Workshop, Paris, 12 December 2008

The aim of the 1st EuroRis-Net workshop, organised at CNRS, Paris, France on December 12th 2008, was to create a brainstorming among relevant bodies (NCPs for RIs and other NCP network coordinators, EC representatives, ESFRI members, Programme Committee members, as well as RI project coordinator representatives) in order to explore the current role of NCPs in FP7. This will provide a starting point for dialogue on our future role towards FP8 and ERA.
Mr Herve Pero welcomed the EuroRis-Net project representatives, explaining the links between the ESFRI Members, Programme Committee Members, National Contact Points, I3 Project Coordinators and the European Commission in the framework of the European Research Area. Mrs. Maria Douka, EuroRIs-NET project officer, opened the workshop presenting the EuroRIs-NET project aims and objectives, viewed from the scope of policy development and programme implementation.
The DG INFSO was represented from Mr Wim Jansen, who highlighted the importance of collaboration with all related NCPs as well as the necessity for exploitation of the knowledge base generated by the network. Mr Alan Cross, EC (DG RTD A1: Inter-institutional Relations and coordination of the 7thFP) presented the future activities for encouraging collaboration of coordinators of all NCP networks.
The existing EuroRIs-NET services were presented, after the statement of requirements coming from representatives from I3 Project coordinators (Hydralab III Project and COPAL Project). The EuroRis-Net workshop representatives committed themselves to more efforts for a better communication flow between the Project Coordinators and the RI NCPs, while expressing the need for stronger links with ESFRI members, in order to support as well as possible the user communities of research infrastructures to access all relevant information and be aware of RI priorities in a constructive way.
Representatives of other NCP Networks (Ideal-Ist, INCONTACT, NET4SOCIETY, TransRegNCP, ResPotNet) discussed about future coordinated activities, while Mr. Jean- David Malo, Head of Unit 4: Regions of Knowledge and research potential, encouraged information exchange between NCPs from the Regional and Research Infrastructures Specific Programme.  International cooperation issues were also addressed and the whole discussion will be continued within the Discussion Forums of the project.
Monday, December 29, 2008