EuroRis-Net+ Workshop "Research Infrastructures towards 2020": Online videos

Welcome & 1st session "EU Research Infrastructures: concept and policy perspectives"
Paulo Pereira (Vice President, Funda??o para a Ci?ncia e a Tecnologia, Portugal), Georgia Tzenou (National Documentation Centre-Greece, Coordinator of EuroRIs-Net+ project), Giorgio Rossi (Member of the Executive Board, European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures - ESFRI), Sarah Moore (Science Officer, European Science Foundation, Mapping European Research Infrastructure Landscape - MERIL), Phillippe Froissard (Deputy Head of Unit, Research Infrastructures, European Commission):

Main challenges in the development of National Roadmaps of Research Infrastructures
Angela Fernandez (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Planning of Scientific and Technological Infrastructures, Spain), Jean-Pierre Caminade (Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Department of Large-Scale Facilities, France), Cas Maessen (NWO - Netherlands Research Council), Dora Farmaki (GSRT - General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Greece), Wieslaw Studencki (NCP Research Infrastructures, Poland), Luciano Catani (Italian Ministry of Research, Italy), Riita Mustonen (Nordic Research Cooperation Organization)

Main challenges in the development of National Roadmaps of Research Infrastructures – The case of Portugal
Paulo Pereira (Vice-President, Funda??o para a Ci?ncia e a Tecnologia-FCT, Portugal)

Research Infrastructure challenges towards 2020
Jan Odijk (Project Leader, CLARIAH (CLARIN + DARIAH), Common Lab Research Infrastructures for Arts and Humanities – Netherlands), Luis Roso (Director of CLPU-Pulsed Laser Center ICTS, member of LaserLab Europe – Spain), Maria Arm?nia Carrondo (Coordinator of PCISBIO – Portuguese Centre for Integrated Structural Biology, Portuguese Affiliated Centre to INSTRUCT ESFRI RI – Portugal), Bernard Kloareg (Director, Station Biologique de Roscoff, French National Node of EMBRC – European Marine Biological Resource Centre – France), Ludek Matyska (Chair of the EGI Executive Board - European Grid Initiative - Czech Republic), John Womersley (Chair of the Board of Directors, SKA – Square Kilometre Array - United Kingdom)

EuroRis-Net+ Project
Thursday, August 22, 2013