Project News

  • 22/08/2013
    EuroRis-Net+ Workshop "Research Infrastructures towards 2020": Online videos
    Source: EuroRis-Net+ Project
    NCP / Country:

    Welcome & 1st session "EU Research Infrastructures: concept and policy perspectives"
    Paulo Pereira (Vice President, Funda??o para a Ci?ncia e a Tecnologia, Portugal), Georgia Tzenou (National Documentation Centre-Greece, Coordinator of EuroRIs-Net+ project), Giorgio Rossi (Member of the Executive Board, European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures - ESFRI), Sarah Moore (Science Officer, European Science Foundation, Mapping European Research Infrastructure Landscape - MERIL), Phillippe Froissard (Deputy Head of Unit, Research Infrastructures, European...

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  • 10/10/2012
    ESFRI brochure "European Research Infrastructures with global impact"
    NCP / Country:

    The describes a selection of 48 ESFRI projects which are in the implementation phase or should reach this phase before the end of 2012.

  • 29/10/2011
    EU-Russian Open Day in Austria
    Source: RI NCP Russia, MISIS
    NCP / Country: Russia

    EU - Russian Open Day event was organised in 24-25 October 2011, in FFG (Vienna, Austria). The workshop focused on "Solar Terrestrial Research" and "Nanotechnology and Material Research".

  • 05/07/2011
    Research Infrastructures EC NCP meeting
    Source: -
    NCP / Country: Belgium

    On July 5th 2011, an FP7 NCP meeting was organised in Brussels, where EC officers presented the forthcoming RI programme Call topics. Presentations are available .

  • 09/06/2011
    EuroRIs-Net in WIRE2011
    Source: -
    NCP / Country: Hungary

    The project  EuroRIs Net is going to have a booth at the WIRE 2011 conference. In parallel, the RESPOTNET Project, funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission, has the pleasure to invite you to participate at the Workshop on Assessment and new challenges of Research Potential. For more information, please visit:

  • 13/01/2011
    International Conference on Research Infrastructures, Rome, 30 September 2010
    Source: -
    NCP / Country: Greece

    EuroRIsNet co-organized the International Conference on Research Infrastructures, held on September 30th, in Rome, Italy. Agenda and Presentations are available at: Main conclusions are available . The following day, the 3rd Annual Meeting of the project was organized in Rome, with the presence of almost all partners and DG INFSO representative.

  • 13/01/2011
    EuroRIs-Net and SEERA_EI signed an MoU
    Source: -
    NCP / Country: Greece

    Last November,
    EuroRIs-Net and SEERA_EI, having identified activities of common interest and
    scope, have signed an MoU in order to align project resources towards mutual benefit,
    for the provision of advantageous services to RI community and policy maker. 

  • 17/09/2010
    EuroRIsNet pushes for a more effective Research Infrastructures Programme
    NCP / Country: Bulgaria
  • 27/10/2009
    The 2nd Annual Meeting, Warsaw, 27 October 2009
    NCP / Country: Poland

    The EuroRIs-Net project 2nd Annual Meeting was organised in 27 October 2009, in the premises of the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research in Warsaw. The goal of the 2nd Annual Meeting was to give each project participant a
    good overview of last year’s activities and develop a vision for next
    The 2nd Annual Meeting was combined with the training workshop the day before and the participants could benefit not only from the exchange with their colleagues, but also from the expertise of the external speakers. Case Studies completed the set of instruments that a...

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  • 07/09/2009
    The EuroRis-Net project promoted at International Workshop-Exhibition “Strategy of Development of Large-scale Research Infrastructures of the Russian Federation & Cooperation with the European Union"
    Source: Euroris-Net
    NCP / Country: Denmark
  • 13/07/2009
    The EuroRisNet project: Broadening the scope
    NCP / Country: Bulgaria
  • 07/05/2009
    The EuroRis-Net project promoted at the Conference "Research Connection 2009", Prague, 7-8 May 2009
    Source: -
    NCP / Country: Greece
  • 24/03/2009
    The EuroRis-Net project promoted at the conference “Research Infrastructures and the Regional Dimension of ERA – RIC”, Prague, 24 - 25 March, 2009
    Source: EuroRIs-Net partner
    NCP / Country: Czech Republic
  • 13/01/2009
    Interview with Mr. Fiorenzo Scaroni, Vice-chair of the e-IRG,By Sandra Habegger & Juliane Sauer, Euresearch Head Office
    Source: -
    NCP / Country: Switzerland
  • 29/12/2008
    The Kick-off Meeting, Brussels, 13 November 2007
    NCP / Country: Greece
    On 13 November 2007, the Kick-off Meeting of the EuroRis-Net project was held in the premises of the European Commission, in Brussels. In the Meeting participated and delivered relevant speeches Ms. Maria Douka, Scientific Project Officer in the DG Research of the European Commission as well as RI NCPs of 32 partners/countries.
    During the meeting, representatives of the project coordinator (National Documentation Centre - EKT/NHRF) discussed about administrative issues and collaborated with participants to set up a plan for implementation of future activities....
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  • 29/12/2008
    The 1st EuroRIs-Net Workshop, Paris, 12 December 2008
    NCP / Country: Greece
    The aim of the 1st EuroRis-Net workshop, organised at CNRS, Paris, France on December 12th 2008, was to create a brainstorming among relevant bodies (NCPs for RIs and other NCP network coordinators, EC representatives, ESFRI members, Programme Committee members, as well as RI project coordinator representatives) in order to explore the current role of NCPs in FP7. This will provide a starting point for dialogue on our future role towards FP8 and ERA.
    Mr Herve Pero welcomed the EuroRis-Net project representatives, explaining the links between the ESFRI Members,...
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  • 29/12/2008
    The Annual Meeting, Athens, 21 October 2008
    NCP / Country: Greece

    The EuroRIs-Net project Annual Meeting was organised in 21 October 2008, in the premises of the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens. 36 partners from 29 countries participated in the meeting.At the opening of the meeting, representatives of the project coordinator (National Documentation Centre - EKT/NHRF) welcomed the members of the Consortium, and reaffirmed the commitment of the institution to the success of the project.
    The results of the Questionnaire, aiming at identifying the level of experience of the RI-NCPs, revealed the high "fluctuation" of...

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  • 19/12/2008
    First year of the EuroRisNet Project
    NCP / Country: Bulgaria
  • 04/09/2008
    The EuroRis-Net Project: 1st Press Release
    NCP / Country: Greece